Relais Antica Badia - San Maurizio 1619

A centre, an origin, a beating heart.

  • Relais Antica Badia

    Just a twenty-minute walk from the Ibla district.

    The Relais Antica Badia of the San Maurizio 1619 Group is located in Ragusa 's old town centre within a magnificent 18th-century building.

    Located in front of the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, patron saint of the city, it offers a privileged point of view to begin your experience: our rooms have been restored entirely in line with its Baroque style. By looking at the Cathedral through the windows, you will have the impression of having travelled back in time.

  • Rooms

    Cathedral - 205


    Overlooking the Via Maestra, in the heart of the building. This room, with an unparalleled view of the Cathedral, stands out for its design and refinement.

  • Rooms

    Marquise Carlotta - 208

    Junior Suite

    The room from the Arabian Nights... Overlooking the Bishop's Palace, it was sold by the Marquise Carlotta in 1949 to the Parish Priest of the Cathedral so that it could become a Seminary, dedicated precisely to her this splendid Junior Suite.

  • Rooms

    Don Giacinto - 207


    Dedicated to the father of Baron Mario Leggio, first owner of the Palazzo Leggio-Schinina, which today houses the Relais and founder of the city of Ragusa

  • Rooms

    Baroness Antonietta - 206

    Junior Suite

    Wanted a room with a view? Baroness Antonietta is the room with a view par excellence. Overlooking
    the two main streets of Ragusa, it has an unparalleled view of the Cathedral of San Giovanni and the Bishop's Palace.

  • Rooms

    Geranium - 301

    Baron's Room

    The idea is to tiptoe into the room, keep your eyes closed for a moment, and then open them slowly, letting yourself be conquered by the magic of this room.

    The Geranium, one of the rooms that most represents the Relais Antica Badia, is on the last floor of the building. Given the pomp and elegance, it is not surprising that it was the room of Baron Mario Leggio.

  • Rooms

    Violet - 203

    Comfort and versatility

    A comfortable room with a hot tub.

    The option of separating the bed and the double washbasin in the bathroom make it the twin par excellence of the Relais Antica Badia.

  • Rooms

    Magnolia - 304

    Baron's Suite

    Within these walls Gianni, founder of the Relais, had the idea of turning his house into a place open to travellers from all over the world.

  • Rooms

    Lavender - 303

    Le petit Bijou

    Feeling part of a spell pampered by the warmth of Sicilian hospitality.

    This is the mission we have for Lavender, a nice and intimate room located on the third floor of the building.

  • Rooms

    Bougainvillea - 302

    The First Lady

    If Geranium is the room that most represents the style of the Relais Antica Badia, Bouganvillea seems almost to want to be the First Lady of the Antica Badia.

    Its unmistakable Baroque style of great impact, despite being able to put guests at ease, almost as if to accompany them to discover the most beautiful places on the island.

  • Rooms

    Freesia - 202

    On Vietri

    Once you open the door, your feet will touch an 18th-century floor.

    Fresia, the room suitable for those who want to fully enjoy the essence of Sicilian hospitality.

  • Rooms

    Peach - 201

    Baron's Corner

    Located next to the Column Room, this room was one of the last to be created.

    Initially it was part of the hall overlooking the garden, where the Baron liked to spend his spring afternoons.

  • Rooms

    Spanish Broom - 104

    The Old Wine Cellar

    Originally, this part of the building was used for the storage of family barrels and the Spanish Broom room kept the finest wines reserved for special occasions for the Baron.

  • Rooms

    Family Room

    The pleasure of travelling with the family


    Two communicating double rooms, two en-suite bathrooms with shower and all the privacy you need to enjoy your stay with the family!

    Family Room the right solution for long stays with your loved ones or for all those who prefer to have plenty of space. You can focus on working while the rest of the family enjoys the holiday.

    It can accommodate a family of 2 adults and 2 children, or simply two pairs of friends.

  • Rooms

    Almond - 103

    The room of secrets

    The close proximity of this room to the internal staircase of the building, which led to the tables of the building, made it a real secret room.

    Initially it was used as a storage room, but its access was blocked around the beginning of 2018.

  • Rooms

    Wisteria - 102

    Smaller places, bigger secrets

    Wisteria is a nice and intimate room located on the mezzanine floor of the building, perfect for short stays.

    Despite its small size, it has a remarkable history.
    If the walls could talk, who knows how many secrets they might reveal us?

  • Rooms

    Jasmine - 101

    Priest's Room

    Located on the mezzanine floor of the building, in 1824 it was assigned to Don Giordano.

    The charm of a small window and the absence of external noise were among the main characteristics he appreciated for his moments of retreat and reflection.

  • The Spa

    Your relaxation and wellness break.

    Discover our spa in the centre of Ragusa and let yourself be pampered with personalised massages and beauty treatments.

    The private SPA of the Relais Antica Badia is available to all guests for a moment of rest for mind and body and offers a sauna, a Turkish bath and a relaxation area.

    An intimate space that can be shared with your partner or friends: indeed our spa for private use can also be booked for birthdays, hen parties or relaxing afternoons with friends.

  • Weddings

    A unique location in the centre of Ragusa.

    The Relais Antica Badia is a beautiful 18th-century building overlooking the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, right in the centre.
    With its enchanting atmosphere and strategic position in the heart of Ragusa, it is the ideal location for those who want to celebrate their wedding in the city, in an exclusive and charming place that recalls the history of Baroque Sicily in every detail.

    Your guests will be welcomed in beautiful rooms decorated with frescoes and vintage objects and embellished with original Caltagirone ceramic floors and Murano chandeliers. Every detail will be taken care of with dedication by our staff who will help you choose the most suitable wedding menu for your needs, an elegant and refined mise en place and any other detail that will make your ceremony truly memorable.

    The Salone Lucrezia, beautifully furnished and made even more exclusive with its frescoed and expertly restored ceiling, can accommodate about 100 people for a refined wedding banquet and impeccable room service.
    The wedding menu will be tailor-made for you with a careful research of local products and solutions dedicated to those who need particular food regimes, with courses designed specifically by our Chefs to tell the local and national culinary culture and cheer up your wedding day.

    The 16 beautiful rooms and a wellness centre are also available for bride and groom to relax in after the celebrations.

    For more information, don't hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below.