Relais Antica Badia

Just a twenty-minute walk from the Ibla district.

The Relais Antica Badia of the San Maurizio 1619 Group is located in Ragusa 's old town centre within a magnificent 18th-century building.

Located in front of the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, patron saint of the city, it offers a privileged point of view to begin your experience: our rooms have been restored entirely in line with its Baroque style. By looking at the Cathedral through the windows, you will have the impression of having travelled back in time.

Indeed, the building that houses the Relais was home to the founder of Ragusa Superiore and fully portrays the birth of this city, the style and culture of the period but also the ties, divisions and changes in its three centuries of life. Adorned with fine vintage objects and decorated with perfectly restored Baroque frescoes and stuccoes, it welcomes guests in its unique and charming environments that will become the perfect setting for a holiday in Sicily or your wedding day.

The 16 beautiful rooms are fitted with all the most modern facilities that, combined with the exclusive and elegant atmosphere of the rooms, make for a comfortable and memorable stay.

Guests also have access to a modern spa and a restaurant that provide a unique combination of Piedmontese cuisine and Sicilian tradition.

You can safely leave your car in our private internal car park: the Relais Antica Badia is in a strategic position, right in the centre and just a 20-minute walk from the historic Baroque district of Ibla, which mesmerises visitors with its stone buildings, alleys rich in history and beautiful gardens. A must-see stop for those who visit Ragusa and want to enjoy the deeper sense of this beautiful city in the heart of southern Sicily.